Do I need Business Intelligence?

Check out how BI analysts can help you with your data and thereby improve your business processes

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Every business produces a mass of data - a collection of statements, statistics, facts. However, data just by itself isn't very informative. To be able to use the data to make decisions firstly, we need a reporting tool. An efficient and understandable tool is crucial for the process of collecting all data and transforming them into specific and helpful information. Where's the catch?

Business intelligence is a technology that deals with the collection, simplification, and production of analysable data. To provide such service, BI combines business analytics, data mining & visualization, data tools and infrastructure as well as specialists with knowledge of best practices. All of that to help you understand your data and make more data-driven decisions.


What’s the purpose?

The potential impact of BI is for example better pricing, smarter inventory management, advanced sales forecasting, promotions with improved targeting, reduced abandonment, new sales opportunities and market trends anticipation. BI analysts &tools make your business run smoother and more efficiently.


A deception of new solutions

New BI tools are flooding the market with a promise of business improvement. As much as they can be useful, it is hard to decide which tool is really needed and which is going to be a waste of time and money. The right technology will display and analyze your data in the most intelligible way to get the upper hand over your competitors however, quite often companies are tempted by more and more advanced tools. Due to poor, tool-driven implementation business benefits of BI tools are below expectation.


How to avoid mistake?

First of all, do not shoot in the dark. Let specialists make the job for you. Business Intelligence analysts are equipped with know-how. Moreover, the fact they are not part of your company plays to your advantage! They will be objective and able to look at the company with a fresh eyes.


BI for eCommerce and retail

Fabres specializes in custom software development for e-commerce and retail companies. We have long experience in developing reports for Komplett – one of the largest eCommerce sellers in the Nordic countries with eight online stores focused on computers and components. Industry-specific knowledge combined with access to a large talent pool of Fabres BI professionals equips you in the best possible consultants and gives you high-quality insight into your business.


Audit and Advisory service

We propose an adaptable and individual approach because we know every business is different and has its own specific needs. We will help you choose the right tools with easy to read and understandable reporting as well as:

  • identify data sources, validate data, transformation, quality processes
  • analyze business drivers for data enrichment
  • maximize the use of the existing reporting tools
  • validate the usage of BI tools at various business users groups, train if necessary
  • identify areas for automation


So, is there a need for BI? Definitely yes! Let us make your business even greater than it is now.

Wojciech Woźniak



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